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安装 Docker Ubuntu安装Docker 运行redis Start a container for Redis with given port 6379: docker run -d --name redis-test -p 6379:6379 redis:latest 进入redis容器 For enter to container console and access redis, and kind in the console: docker exec -it redis-test bash [email protected]:/data# redis-cli


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在我们的生活和工作当中,会接触到 N 多的 APP 或网页,因为并不是每个服务都能用类似 QQ 一键登录的方式来绑定账号,所以也就有了 N 多的账号密码,记密码成


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下面记录一下Docker部署MySQL的步骤。 安装 Docker Ubuntu安装Docker docker pull - 下载镜像 Downloading the server image in a separate step is not strictly necessary; however, performing this step before you create your Docker container ensures